Shit, computer's fried.


The Oculus Drift animation has been obliterated along with my computer, I attempted to recover the files, but alas, no hope... flatlined... gone... rip...


Instead of crying and giving up on animating for a whole year, I decided to work directly on a different Teaser for the upcoming Oculus Drift anime series. Which hopefully, will be released in 2 WEEKS!



So I apologize to the badass voice-actors that helped me, which is SailorSilverStar and Girafficus. I'll have to bug you two about recording me a new script.



Beta released now on DESURA


Not too long ago, I was accepted to record a voice-over for the bad guy in Avoidance. Now, Avoidance is an indie-developed game released on DESURA 3 days ago, which combines a unique mixture of RPG and spaceship-go-pew-pew gameplay.

The development team that I worked with are not only super nice, but deserves big help on improving their badass game concept to a heavenly extent.


NOW REMEMBAH: Before you purchase please note, it is in VERY EARLY BETA. They will be adding in tons of more enjoyable features quite soon, you can post your feedbacks/ideas within the in-game forums. 


You can find the game here




Custom Sparkle Blue/Royal Gold Gamecube Console for Sale!

This little guy was so beaten up when I found him at a Garage Sale. I decided to breathe new life for this badass console, and let him live on for a new owner.

Comes with a custom controller, AV cable, and Power adapter.

You can bid on this guy here.




(P.S, yes this is considered a goddamn artwork)

OCULUS DRIFT the Anime in Development!

2014-06-30 21:28:57 by OldManCricky

Get ready all you anime/videogame fans!



A "sneak-peek" animation is currently being worked on which is being animated entirely by myself, the Oculus Drift is a web-comic series currently being made and will be released sometime in the future. The series are one big EPIC PARODY of the modern video game community (It's called Oculus Drift for god's sake), represented in the sexiest way possible, MANGA STYLE!

Although I am mostly illustrating the web-comics, I do plan on occasionally making special animated series which takes place within the same Oculus Drift universe. I'd explain the story, but 1. The name is pretty obvious, and 2. Animating in Flash is quite time-consuming to fully dedicate the Oculus Drift timeline. Which is why the web comic can explain the story much faster without worrying about the time-constraining animation factors. (Manga's always come first before the anime right?)


Luckily for you guys, this one comes animated first.


If you need a forum banner of some sort, or just any sort of banner like this:


Then no more must you be jealous of cool people who posts stuff on forums! For only $3.50 for a complete Banner made by me! Simply PM me how you want it designed and font (which you can find here on and I shall make your wildest dreams come true!


(Warning: You might now see me as a shameless advertiser forever)

My first Newgrounds Animation IN PROGRESS

2014-05-31 22:26:50 by OldManCricky

Holy Schaboly

Hello my 5 fine followers! I just found out I can actually make a news post, (Cause I'm just here for the rated A games, thus I never pay attention) so I'll start up this spam-fest.

As many of you already saw my Stop-Motion test, means ya probably already know I'm creating an animation for the first time. It should take about a month till release, but I hope it'll be worth it. It was filmed with an IOS app, so don't get your hopes high up.


The film is called: Convict's Confinement. 

The whole film consist of my childhood toys I got out of the garage just for this project, If it is incredibly liked by viewers (a boy can only dream, right?) then this will be considered the first installment of Trilogy. 



Oh boy! Time to play with LEGOS! ah -I mean... animate.. with Legos.